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How to reach player?
PM: cosmic_celery
AIM: thiscosmiccelery

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: aaalways
Threadhopping with this character: ask first, but probably
Fourthwalling: go for it
Canon puncture: go for it
Offensive subjects: none

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: Primarily straight, incidental homosexuality.
Hugging this character: Sure, but he might ask wtf you're doing.
Flirting with this character: He'll flirt right back.
Giving this character a kiss: Sure
Something more intimate: Sure, but I'm more a fade-to-black kind of RPer
Relationships: ahahaha ha. He's bad at relationships.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: I'd rather not RP that
Fighting with this character: Definitely
Injuring this character: Anything major, ask please
Killing this character: No :|
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, but ask me before you decide what to glean from his mind
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The Player
Name/nickname: Jessica
Age: 24
Pronouns: female
Contact:, thiscosmiccelery on AIM
Experience: n/a
Currently played characters: Gabriel

The Character
DW account: erratic_hematic
Name: Spike
Alias: William Pratt, William the Bloody
Age/Birthdate: About 140
Species: Vampire
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Canon point: Following The Girl in Question (S5E20 of Angel)
Played By: James Marsters



Standard vampire fare: Supernatural strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes, acute sensory perception, rapid healing and immortality. He's also got some pretty thorough knowledge of the martial arts.

He's acquiring immunity to sunlight as he passes through the rift, as well as spontaneous book materialization. He'll be able to summon any book he wants...if he ever learns to control the power. As is, it'll probably be stuff like phone books from the 90s and self-help books that seem to offer snide commentary on his current issues.

The kind of guy who can wear leather pants unironically. Billy Idol in black leather with the cheekbones of Marlene Dietrich. Pale, with bleach blond hair and a scar in his left eyebrow. Wears a long leather duster, jeans and Doc Martens, in full 1990's bad boy style.

He's a London toff who put on a working class accent and then moved to America, so his accent can be all over the place. It might sound off to someone who's an actual working class Brit.

Spike has an incredible ability to see the truth in almost any situation, and to read people very well. Among any group of people, he is probably the most likely to notice that someone is upset and trying to hide it, or when a relationship is about to implode. He notices much more than he lets on, and can use what he notices to his advantage. For example, he once turned an entire group of friends against each other just by using the insecurities and resentments that the group already had within it. As a soulless vampire, his success with killing slayers had more to do with this psychological skill than with his fighting skills.

Whatever skills he has at penetrating the minds of others doesn't extend to himself, and he's often at a loss as to what to do with himself. He likes to pretend that he doesn't give a fuck about most things normal people spend their lives wanting: love and friendship and security. He has a punk rock attitude towards most things in life: He's out for himself, and he gets a thrill from petty vandalism, being a nuisance to others, and violence. As a soulless vampire he got a thrill from the chase. Now, with a soul, he still enjoys violence, but he prefers to deal out justice to those he deems deserving. He's intelligent and capable of formulating elaborate plans, but he's likely to abandon the plan in favor of immediate action. He makes rash decisions and is easily swayed by emotional manipulation.

His main motivation is always love, and every single major decision in his life has been informed by love and often made because of love for people, things, and life in general. Despite his thrill with needless destruction, he doesn't want to see the world burn. He wants to enjoy it and everything it has to offer him, and will actively work to protect his home and his loved ones.

He's a bit of a dork. He likes playing video games and watching TV. He's well read, and can read Latin. He's as likely to reference cartoons as he is to reference Shakespeare and once argued for a day about who would win in a fight between cavemen and astronauts.

He's handsome and can be charming if he wants to be, but doesn't really know how to express himself when a relationship is more than just sex. He's only just now reaching the point where he might not react to romance like a love-sick teen with a penchant for terrible verse. To his disadvantage, he often makes the objects of his affection into objects of worship, forgetting at once that they are separate from his feelings and are not the idealized image he creates of them in his mind.

He's not a good man. He might be on his way to becoming one, but it'll take him a long time before he really gets there.

Born in 1855 in London, and grew up with a single mother. He was shy, reserved, and rather effete, preferring to spend time with his kind and loving mother rather than socializing with other children. He grew up much the same, and developed a romantic heart and taste for poetry and that got him teased more often than praised. His poetry earned him the nickname 'William the bloody' because it was "so bloody awful".

He fell in love with a woman named Cecily, but she didn't return his affections, telling him that he was beneath her. At 25, after this rejection, he was confronted and turned into a vampire by Drusilla, a psychic (and insane) vampire intent on keeping him as her lover.

After his transformation, William sires his by then ailing mother with the intention of taking her on his travels with Drusilla. His mother turns against him, insulting and making cruel sexual advances towards him, and he kills her.

Drusilla introduces William to her friends and cohorts Angelus and Darla. Initially, William has trouble fitting in with the group, but adapts quickly. He abandons his upper class accent, dresses in a more intimidating manner, and re-earns his nickname William the Bloody with a swath of grisly murders. After a taunt from Angelus about the name William not being suitable for a vampire, he takes the name Spike (and earns it with a trademark move - torturing his victims with railroad spikes).

Spike falls madly in love with Drusilla, and they continue their sexual relationship over the next few decades. Drusilla is flightly and hardly ever faithful (including sleeping with Angelus), which upsets him. Angelus and Spike have a relationship that shifts though varying levels of friendship and rivalry. In 1898, Spike and Drusilla are sent to Romania by Darla to take revenge on the gypsies who gave Angel his soul back. In Romania, he meets Dracula (who still owes Spike 11 pounds for throwing his signed copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula in a fire). Angel leaves their group for a while and Spike, Darla and Drusilla continue without him.

At the turn of the century, Spike has developed an obsession with the idea of killing vampire slayers. He finds his first in China in 1900. By then, he has learned an impressive amount of martial arts. During the fight, he acquires his eyebrow scar (from the slayer's blade). He wins the fight, and triumphantly rejoins his friends.

He's been captured by Nazis for experimentation, traveled to Italy with Drusilla in the 1950s, and attended Woodstock. In the late 70's, Spike lived in New York, where he killed his second vampire slayer.

During a trip to Prague, Drusilla becomes injured, and Spike decides that the energy of the Hellmouth over Sunnydale will help her to recover. There, he fights Buffy and nearly kills her, stopped only by the unexpected interference of Buffy's mother. He's disgusted to find out that Angelus has returned ensouled as Angel and is in love with Buffy. When Angel temporarily loses his soul, matters are made worse for Spike when Angel starts pursuing Drusilla once again. Enraged and hoping to get rid of Angel, Spike teams up with Buffy to take him out. When Dru learns of this betrayal, she leaves him for a demon. Spike returns to Sunnydale heartbroken, but eventually takes up with another vampire, a ditsy blonde vampire named Harmony.

While still in Sunnydale, Spike is kidnapped by a military organization and implanted with a chip that causes him incredible pain if he tries to harm any human. Because he can't kill humans, he starts killing demons for a thrill instead, which makes him a target for demon violence. Because he's now "safe", Buffy and her friends begin using him and his connections on various missions. Eventually, he becomes a provisional member of the gang and is often around. He falls for Buffy, much to his own distress. When she rejects him, he deals with this by creating a creepy shrine to her, then capturing her so that she can see him killing Drusilla in favor of her. This plan (understandably) goes badly and Buffy uninvites Spike from her home and removes him from the group. He then has Warren, an evil asshole, make him a robotic version of Buffy. That doesn't go especially well either.

Buffy starts to warm to Spike again after an incident where he allows himself to be tortured rather than give up information about her sister, Dawn. He is re-invited to the group (and to her house), but soon after Buffy dies in a fight. Devastated, Spike sticks around to help out with patrolling for vampires to kill and to help raise Dawn.

When Buffy is resurrected, she and Spike's relationship deepens because she feels that she can share things with him that her other friends would rather not hear. The relationship eventually becomes sexual. They are largely a violent couple, a situation aided by the fact that Spike's chip no longer works on Buffy. It's an incredibly unstable relationship. Buffy is ashamed of sleeping with him, and Spike wants more from her than she is willing to give. Eventually, Buffy realizes that she is using him and calls things off. Spike, undeterred, enters her house and attempts to rape her when she won't take him back. Both horrified by his actions and somehow thinking that he should have gone through with the rape anyway because he's supposed to be evil, Spike leaves town. He goes to Africa where he seeks out a demon shaman who, after a series of trials, gives Spike his soul back.

When he returns to Sunnydale, Spike is dealing with over a hundred years of deaths and mayhem on his conscience. He starts living in the basement of the newly constructed High School, under the influence of an evil entity called The First, has hallucinations, visions, and is implanted with a hypnotic trigger which makes him kill. Spike, upon discovering that he has been killing without realizing it, goes to Buffy and asks her to kill him. Instead, she chains him in her basement for his own protection. She tells him that she believes in him, which sustains him when he's later kidnapped and tortured by The First. She further backs up by having Spike's chip removed when it starts to malfunction. The hypnotic trigger is also removed when Spike solves the lingering issues about his mother that had powered the suggestion.

When Buffy's group mutinies against her, Spike is the only person that stays by her side, and they seem to resume a close friendship. In the final battle, Spike volunteers to wear a mystical amulet, which will close the Hellmouth for good. In the battle, the amulet activates, seemingly burning him to death in the process.

The amulet somehow winds up at Wolfram & Hart, a law firm currently being run by Angel. He emerges from the amulet as a ghost-like figure and for a while has no corporeal form. Fred, one of Angel's friends, attempts to help him on various occasions, and he grows fond of her after she helps him avoid being taken to hell by a reaper.

A mysterious plot device box arrives at Wolfram and Hart which renders Spike corporeal once more. Spike decides to take up the business that Angel is no longer doing: street vigilantism. Angel and Spike become rivals, because both could be the figure mentioned in a prophesy that says a vampire with a soul will become human. As a ruse, they are both sent after a cup which they are told will determine which of them is the real champion. Spike wins the cup, Angel says, because he had wanted it more. The cup isn't real, though (and filled with mountain dew). Spike wants the prophesy to refer to himself, but he suspects it refers to Angel.

When an Old One (a demon) kills Fred and takes over her body, Spike decides that he's going to join up with Angel for good, helping the cause.

Writing Sample:

He's sitting on the edge of Angel's desk in the inimitable offices of Wolfram and Hart, trying to convince himself that he's ready to move on and create a brand new undead life for himself. Spread out into new avenues. Save the world. Again. Do something that isn't hoping for Buffy to come around. The Apocalypse is coming, they say, so better get ready for that, get ready to stop it when it rears it's ugly head. It almost feels like it might be possible. It almost feels like he's at the start of something worthwhile.

He's sitting on the edge of Angel's stupidly enormous desk in the inimitable offices of Wolfram and Hart, and then...he isn't.

The taxi cab hits him, knocks him off his feet, and- Fuck! The sun. "Shit! What the bloody hell-" Cowering in the middle of the road while every car on the street starts blaring its' horn, Spike pulls his leather coat over his head trying to block out the sun before his skin starts sizzling.

Only, his skin isn't sizzling. At all. Not even where his hands are exposed.

Slowly, he lowers his coat and looks around, squares his shoulders and pulls his coat straight. New York. He'd recognize it in any universe. And it probably is another universe, judging by how he's not a pile of ash in the middle of the intersection by now.

The street being littered with dozens copies of Oh! The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss is a little more of a mystery. He stares at them for a moment, dumbfounded. "The hell."

He bends to pick one up just as the cab driver that hit him moments before has the bloody nerve to lean on his horn. Spike grabs the book, stands, and kicks a dent into the offending bumper. "Alright, alright, I'm getting out of the way, hold your damn horses, arsehole."

Anything else?


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